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For the difficult times your garage door refuses to move or you are dealing with similar problems, check out the frequently asked questions provided here below and their answers. They are short in size, truly answer your questions and can be helpful whether you have problems or want to know how to maintain the door

What's the average life of most garage doors?

The life expectancy of garage doors varies and depends on their material, quality, use, maintenance and local weather conditions. In most cases and with average quality materials and maintenance, garage doors would last for about 20-25 years but they could last even longer if you treat them well, paint and clean them.

How often should I maintain the opener?

The more attention you give to your garage door opener, the fewer problems you'll have. The motto of our specialists is to prevent rather than cry. After all, when you check the sensors twice a month, you can be sure of your safety. Check the entire opener system once a month especially if it's old.

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