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Learn how to take precaution measures when it comes to garage doors with these tips

Insulating garage doors

Choose the one with the highest R-value. The different kinds of insulation to choose from are fiberglass, reflective foil, and panel foam insulation. Do not forget the bottom seal to achieve better results. For easier insulation, you can purchase kits that are already pre-assembled and with step-by-step directions.

Customizing wooden garage doors

For wood protection, use waterproof stains to treat it. Hemlock, cedar and redwood are some of the wood types you can choose. You may purchase wooden doors that already have designs but you can get it personalized. Decide if you want a two or three-layered door and if you want to add windows.

Check the door's balance

If the garage door is not balanced well it will start moving unevenly, compromising your security and your safety. Our experts in Lockhart suggest disconnecting the opener and raising the door mid-way. See if the door remains in this position or you will have to adjust the springs.

Clear the garage door pathway

The path that leads in and out of the garage door should be clear at all times. Our door experts say that children and pets, in particular, should not be allowed to play near the door especially when it is open. Also, when doing garage door maintenance, it is important to see to it that the safety feature of the door is operational.

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